How sex appeal in advertisements have affected today's society
In our daily lives, we are surrounded by many advertisements that desperately try competing for our attention. Everywhere we turn we see ads full of sexual images that are affecting every sex, race, and age group. The usage of sex appeal in advertisement is well known to be as one of the most effective tools for attracting consumer’s attention. Many of the ads from the past and even recent one are using the human body and sexuality to sell all kinds of products, from food, alcohol and cigarettes, to cars, colognes and clothing.

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The sexuality in advertisements may not exactly sell the product but it definitely grabs attention of potential costumer or user and forces them to stop and look at the product up closer.
Many times the usage of sex appeal for selling products has been criticized all over the world for contributing to sexism and other social concerns. However, now a day many companies keep using it in their ads. The usage of sex in advertisement is affecting us in many ways.
Sex in advertisements affects the young generation because these types of ads are teaching them how to look and act sexy. Also, teens have an ability to influence the purchase decisions of their parents and friends, and often develop a brand loyalty, which continues into adulthood. Sexual appeals have the ability to get the attention of teens, and may help to sell products to that market segment.
Advertisers and marketers are not just creating ads to promote their products, but they are also setting standards of what is attractive to the society, and this is affecting people buying decisions because they are telling consumers what is the up to date fashion style is and what is out of style.
Using sex appeals in advertising is a good way to target certain market segments. Many consumers have some sort of insecurities in their life, and advertisers know that, so they attempt to fill the consumer’s insecurities with products that offer a fake sense of love and security. The people that are more likely to buy products with a sexy ads are those ones with low self-esteem because they are insecure about themselves, and wearing the product will act as a protective shell for them or as a confidence boost.
The use of sexually suggestive images to sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandisers' best friend.

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