Bobby Panesar
Sex Appeal In 00's....Pushing limits

-Sex appeal has now gone the psychological level, with the focus still on physique and how one looks, going beyond to the senses is where advertiser are going
-Recent studies have shown that, the symmetry of your face does affect your sex appeal.
-Scientists say when it comes to searching for a partner, the attraction of a potential mate is all about symmetry.
-Scientists also state how symmetrical a person's body appears, the more attractive that person is to the opposite sex, or the same sex
-Florence Colgate is a very beautiful woman, seen below
-This is her with out make up, she is considered the most beautiful woman in Britain
-She has a 2:1 distance ratio of ear-to-ear length over pupil-to-pupil, as well as a mouth-to-eye/hairline-to-chin ratio that fits the scientific ideal, that means mathematically she is as attractive as it gets.

-One of the biggest female sex symbol of the 00's Angelina Jolie.
-What makes her sexy besides her full lips, is that she’s a bad girl, a crazy girl, a smart girl, a dangerous girl, a goodwill ambassador
-As well as a very symmetrical face
-In 2007, Joile did an ads that only aired in Japan, for Shisedio, a japanese beauty company
-The ad was the emphasize her plump lips

-In the 2000's advertisers were pushing what they would show to the limits
-Using sexual innuendo is almost every aspect to make the ads more appealing
-In North America we do have stricter law governing what can be advertised, however some places in Europe may be different
Screen Shot 2012-11-28 at 2.26.28 PM.pngBK-7-incher.jpg

burger-king-pflaster-ad.jpgScreen Shot 2012-11-28 at 2.29.52 PM.png
-These ads all depicts the a sexual message that gets the viewer interested in some way
-BK is showing up that they have big sandwiches and signify that through depicting oral sex
-The french smoking campaign depicts that you are a slave to tobacco, letting tobacco have its way with you

-In some cases sex and be used to sell sex
- With all ads there are some negative outcomes, for example in 2010, this ads was on high rotation in Australia, it attracted many complaints - Along with complaints the actress, Libby Ashby, was thrown out of her church for appearing in the ad

-Newer ads are bit more subtle, showcasing that something happened or that a product will increase something sexually
-Even post-it notes have a campaign, where a man is labelling a woman with her name on her forehead
-The majority of these ads were showcased after 2004 , were raw and in your face
-Ads prior to that were a little more tasteful and let the mind wonder
-In 2002 and 2003, there was a large focus on safe sex, many brands jumped on the bandwagon and tried to incorporated that some how in to their ads

-There are some brands breaking out of the norm
-Sex appeal is what you make of it, Jockey Underwear made an ad that showed breaking away from the norm.
-People could be themselves and be sexy
-It shows not conforming to pop culture, even though the girl and guy are attractive, they dont conform to those sex appeal stereotypes of big breasts and chiselled bodies


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